Waffle Gone Wild Celebrates Its First Year Anniversary

March 1st, 2014 (Vancouver, B.C.,) - March 9th marks Waffle Gone Wild's first anniversary in Vancouver's beautiful Kitsilano neighborhood. To celebrate our anniversary, come down this Sunday March 9th for our special anniversary balloon event.

Since launching our store in March 2013, we are incredibly humbled by the warm welcome we have received from our customers and our neighbors. We are also grateful for the passion that our employees demonstrate about our value, and the role they play in delivering the unique experience to our customers every day. As a tribute to our customers, we will introduce Senior Discount Wednesday every week of the year starting March 9th.

We believe that the ingredients in our waffles are essential to the total experience and the quality of all of our products. Because of this we hand-make each of our freshly baked Liège waffles using only all natural and locally grown ingredients wherever possible.

When we say "fresh", we mean it. We press it, bake it and create it right in front of your eyes the moment you order. Best of all, our waffles are without any added preservatives, so you can enjoy the fresh and authentic taste.

Each of our waffle dish draws inspiration from the unique international cuisines offered in the multi-cultural city of Vancouver. Our waffle fusion is a perfect example of the harmony between freshly baked Belgian Liege waffle and international flavours.

Waffle Gone Wild is all about quality ingredients, creative flavours, and making people smile, one waffle at a time. We are proud to create the best quality waffles possible and to hold true to the tradition of the Liège waffle. You'll taste the difference. 

Visit us on 2967 West Broadway (beside Shopper’s Drug Mart) for these amazing freshly baked waffles.    


About Waffle Gone Wild

At Waffle Gone Wild, we offer freshly baked original Belgium Liège waffle to those who have never savored this delicious treat and to those who just cannot get enough! For the wild and adventurous, we have crafted a waffle menu fusing our Original Liège waffle with interesting international and local flavours that will surprise and entice even the boldest taste buds out there.


Waffle Gone Wild Team

(604) 568-5679


2967 West Broadway

Vancouver, B.C.,


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