It all started when we were traveling around the world, enjoying the opportunity to experience some of the sweet delights unique to various cultures. It was during a stop in Belgium that we tasted an amazingly delicious creation known as the Liège waffle. We immediately fell in love with it and decided to introduce this tasty delight to Vancouver.

Through a stroke of luck, we met a well-known, local Belgian pastry chef, who, although retired, was willing to teach us the highly-guarded secrets of the traditional Liège waffle recipe. At Waffle Gone Wild, we offer the Original Belgium Liège waffle to those who have never savored this delicious treat and to those who just cannot get enough! For the wild and adventurous, we have crafted a waffle menu fusing our Original Liège waffle with interesting international and local flavours that will surprise and entice even the boldest taste buds out there.

We believe that the ingredients in our waffles are essential to the total experience and the quality of all of our products. Because of this we hand-make each of our Liège waffles using only all natural and locally grown ingredients wherever possible.

Waffle Gone Wild is all about quality ingredients, creative flavours, and making people smile, one waffle at a time. We are proud to create the best quality waffles possible and to hold true to the tradition of the Liège waffle. You'll taste the difference. 

o Fresh Baked Waffle: When we say "fresh", we mean it. We press it, bake it and create it right in front of your eyes the moment you order. Best of all, our waffles are without any added preservatives, so you can enjoy the fresh and authentic taste.

o Fresh Fruits: We use a fresh selection of seasonal fruits sourced from local and/or organic farms, whenever possible, for our waffle toppings and fruit smoothies.

o Coffee: We proudly serve freshly-brewed D'arte coffee. One of Italy's
favourite coffee and a leader when it comes to quality. 

Waffles were introduced to North America in 1620 by pilgrims who brought the method from Holland. Legend has it that Thomas Jefferson brought a waffle iron from France in the late 1790’s as a culinary souvenir and, in the late eighteenth century, “waffle frolics” or parties were all the rage. The waffle has been a national food in Belgium for generations.

The two most common types of waffles in Belgium are the Brussels and the Liège waffles. The Liège waffle is by far the most popular and its recipe is closely guarded. It was invented by a chef of the Prince- Bishop of Liège in the eighteenth century. During baking, the smell of the vanilla and caramelized sugar delighted the Prince and this waffle recipe quickly joined the culinary traditions in Liège and took the Belgian kingdom by storm. The Liège waffle is usually bought and eaten warm on the street. It is smaller, sweeter and denser than the Brussels waffle.

Liège waffles are made from a yeast-based dough containing imported Belgium pearled sugar, which caramelizes throughout the waffle due to its high melting point. This caramelization effect is the secret that gives our Liège waffles the unique, delectable flavour and essence that will buckle your knees and tantalize your senses.

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